San Diego / North County Paintless Dent Removal / Door Ding RepairWe love dents! Most of the public has no idea in regards how Bumper and Dent Time can help save most people lots of time, money and the value of their vehicle. We don't just say we are about high quality, we prove it! Please take some time and watch how we perfrom this amazing paintless dent repair / removal service in San Diego. Keep in mind, most dents are removed within 1 hour or less with no painting and we come to you!

Paintless Dent Removal is also known as "PDR." Although after watching how PDR is performed, you might get the impression it's easy to do. But to be honest, it's very complex and takes years of experience to master consistently. Our highly experienced team in San Diego demonstrates the art of paintless dent repair at it's finest. Below you will find not only interesting videos to watch but the amazing results that restore a vehicle's resale value instantly without painting.

We don't charge per dent and prices depend on a few factors; location, depth (sharpness) and access.  Multiple dings / dents and panels are discounted. Expect an average repair to from a single ding to take 15-30 minutes and multiple ding and dents within 2 hours or less. All work 100% completed to your satisfaction OR NO CHARGE APPLIED.