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Had a minor scrape on a bumper of my new Audi.  Insurance would have covered it, but the Audi dealer would insist on painting the entire bumper and it would be $500 for the deductible, plus then the repair is listed for your car on CarFax.  I called Dent Time (actually I just took a picture of the scrape and texted them for a quote), and they came out right away, and I CAN'T FIND THE SCRAPE!  I mean it's completely gone.  Unbelievable. Saved me hundreds of dollars and I never had to leave my house. It's ridiculously good - plus the paint on the Audi is an impossible to find/match shimmery white, and he mixed it out of the back of his work truck like Van Gogh.  Definitely would recommend.

J. A,

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