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Minor Body Work

We don't just offer bumper and scratch repair. If you had a minor accident, like a fender bender, Bumper Time can help. In some cases, your panel may have been too damaged to fix. Did you know we can order the part for you? Indeed. We will prep, prime, paint and install all on site.…
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PDR is an ART

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) isn't your typical service. You just can't call up ANY dent company and expect to get the same results consistently. There are some big factors. For one, you need to hire a very experienced pdr technicinan. You see, paintless dent repair is like plastic surgery. We use very sharp tools to…
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Bumper Dents

It's pretty common to get dents in the corner of your bumper. The results are pretty good but depending how the dent has been in the bumper, results can vary. You see, plastic has short term memory. That means the longer it stays in, the more challenging it becomes. Plastic will retain a shape after…
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Smart Repair

[mp_row bg_video_youtube_repeat="true" bg_video_youtube_mute="true" bg_video_repeat="true" bg_video_mute="true"] [mp_span col="12"] [mp_heading] Smart Repairs [/mp_heading] [/mp_span] [/mp_row] [mp_row] [mp_span col="6"] [mp_posts_grid post_type="post" columns="1" posts_per_page="3" posts_order="DESC" posts_gap="30" show_featured_image="true" image_size="large" title_tag="h2" show_date_comments="true" show_content="short" short_content_length="200" read_more_text="Read more" pagination="false"] [/mp_span] [mp_span col="6"] Some wonder just how in the world are we able to accomplish the same quality as a body shop and in…
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Send Us Your Photos
Simply use your camera phone and email or text your photos. Our team will respond back within 30 minutes or less during business hours. Thanks and we look forward doing business with you.