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Paintless Dent

Nobody understands better than us when it comes to removing your ding, crease or minor dent properly. The process is called paintless dent removal, also known as PDR. It's important we help you understand choosing a qualified PDR company to work on your vehicle is very significant. It's not like going to buy a gallon of milk at the store. Unfortunately, there are various skill levels when it comes to this highly proficient trade.

Our 25 years of PDR experience is unmatched when it comes to the quality and service we provide. Of course we understand some customers are looking for the cheapest cost. However, we are aware no matter how cheap any repair is, it's will always come down to the quality of the repair in the end. Whether you have a daily driver or an exotic, our team will work on your vehicle as if it was our very own.

The PDR process demands a ton of experience and that's why we feel Bumper Time is your perfect choice when it comes to impeccable paintless dent removal results. So if you have a ding, crease or big dent that involves no paint damage, shoot us a photo and we'll be happy to offer a quick estimate.

Our service is 100% mobile and completed usually within 1-3 hours at your home or office. No hassle, no losing your factory or custom finish. Just quick, friendly and high quality paintless dent repair anywhere to your location in the San Diego and North County areas.

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